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Unlock the uniqueness of your personality, learn how to communicate with effectiveness and lead with impact. 

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 HCI Consulting LLC helps individuals, teams, and healthcare organizations transform their hiring, leadership potential, culture, communication and digital landscape. With over 20 years in the healthcare arena, I've been in the trenches, from academic medical centers to  bustling startup environments to the intricate workings of M&A. I've got a knack for making sense of the chaos and guiding teams towards streamlined operations and top-notch patient care. What fires me up is when I get to help others understand the power of human behavior and the effects that has on the success or failure of individuals, goals, culture, you name it! 


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Resources for every stage of the journey

Online DISC Assessments

Unlock the uniqueness of your personality and understand your strengths, potential blind spots, and how to modify your style so that you effectively communicate with anyone.

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1-on-1 & Team Coaching               

Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance or team workshops.

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Consulting & Advisory Services

Helping healthcare practices, organizations and startups with their digital transformation journey.  Investment firms and M&A due diligence.

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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